Young Vietnamese use clay to build a Bugatti replica, watch the video

Video shared by social media user @_figensezgin shows the group working on building the vehicle’s chassis, which has been fitted with the engine and other parts

Representative image. Image credit: Bugatti

Owning luxury cars is everyone’s dream, but not everyone can afford it. Well, these car enthusiasts from Vietnam decided to make their own Bugatti using locally sourced clay.

In a video that has now caught everyone’s attention, a group of young people can be seen making a car chassis by applying clay to a structure made of plastic sheets and pipes. This clay is chiseled and polished until it resembles a Bugatti Chiron. The clay is then covered with a mixture of fiberglass. Once the material is set, the clay is removed resulting in an accurate Bugatti Chiron exterior.

Watch the viral video here:

The video shared by the social media user @_figensezgin shows the group working on the construction of the vehicle’s chassis, which has been fitted with the engine and other parts. This chassis is then installed in the frame of the car and the vehicle is driven on a successful test drive.

The video has gotten 9.8 million views so far.

Reacting to the video, one social media user pointed out that there was not a single Bugatti shareholder who had the knowledge or skills to do this.

Some even called the project “brilliant”.

Many people appreciated the young people, calling them innovative, energetic and industrious, adding that they had produced a work of art and engineering, without using powerful tools, electronics

One user pointed out that the clay served as a mold and the body itself felt like fiberglass. He added that in Germany, car designers still used clay to model shapes. He was of the opinion that these children had shown incredible skills and he was looking forward to seeing something original next.

It should be noted that it took a year to make this replica.

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Floyd N. Morlan