Why Americans are furious with President Joe Biden’s $ 9,000 Rolex watch

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President Joe Biden’s watch is causing a stir online. Photo / Getty Images

Days into his tenure as US president, Joe Biden overturned some of Trump’s most controversial policies and launched an ambitious trillion dollar plan to target the coronavirus.

But instead, Americans are obsessed with the type of wristwatch he wears.

Biden’s $ 9,736 (US $ 7,000) Rolex watch was spotted on his wrist when it unveiled in Washington DC last week, and the expensive timekeeper has already sparked fury.

The New York Times called the stainless steel Rolex Datejust “a far cry from the Everyman timepieces that all unnamed Trump presidents have ostensibly worn over the past few decades.”

The article made Twitter users roll the eyes of the heckling.

Former Star Trek actor George Takei tweeted, “No (New York Times), we don’t care what watch Joe Biden wore, like we never cared about Obama’s tanned suit.”

“The headlines complaining about Biden’s Peloton and Rolex after four years of a dude with a literal gold toilet are beyond parody,” wrote GQ writer Laura Bassett.

Crooked Media host Akilah Hughes commented, “They must be really bored at The Times. Is there nothing else to focus on?

And Vox correspondent Ian Milhiser wondered, “What’s the worst presidential scandal?” The moment Biden wore a Rolex, the moment Obama ordered Dijon mustard, or the moment Trump encouraged an insurgent mob to violently take over Capitol Hill in a futile attempt to overthrow. an election he lost? “

Meanwhile, some have speculated that the watch belonged to Biden’s son Beau, who died after a battle with brain cancer, and called on the New York Times to apologize to the family.

Others wrote that the watch was a gift from First Lady Jill Biden in honor of the inauguration.

It is part of a collection of expensive watches belonging to the new president. He was also seen wearing an Omega Speedmaster and an Omega Seamaster, valued at around NZD 8,000 each.

And Biden isn’t the first leader of the United States to sport a Rolex – just like Lyndon B. Johnson, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan.

But since the presidency of Bill Clinton, the leaders have favored more discreet timepieces.

Clinton chose a Timex Ironman that the Washington Post described as “a plastic digital watch as thick as a brick and beautiful as a hernia” in 1993.

His successor George W. Bush opted for a Timex model costing less than US $ 50 (NZ $ 69).

Barack Obama chose watches from American craftsmen like Shinola from Detroit or Jorg Gray from California, while Donald Trump wore a Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse, a Vacheron Constatin or – you guessed it – a Rolex.

Floyd N. Morlan