Who owns the Rolex watch from Avengers Compound?

It didn’t take long for Marvel fans to stop talking about the mysterious name ‘Uncle’ Hawk Eye, and all thanks to a Rolex watch, among other things. The auction in Hawk EyeThe first episode of revealed a watch that was found in the rubble of Avengers Compound, and several bidders showed great interest in it before the Tracksuit Mafia broke in to steal it. The watch belongs to someone important and, according to Clint, it contains vital information. So who really owns the watch?

That’s the question Marvel fans hope to see answered in the coming weeks. Although the show has yet to reveal anything official, there are many theories about who the original owner of the watch might be.

Clint tells Kate in last week’s episode that the watch belonged to a former colleague of his, who is no longer part of the action, and that information about the piece would put that person in immediate danger. The most popular theory is that the watch has something to do with Clint’s wife, Laura Barton, who recently showed that she may have her own secret history.

Laura has been helping Clint with the case from their home, and many fans are wondering if she’s the MCU’s version of Mockingbird. In the comics, Clint has been married to SHIELD Agent Bobbi Morse for some time. Bobbi’s name is Mockingbird. This led to the theory that Laura met Clint when they were working together at S.H.I.E.L.D., and then decided to retire and protect her family. The fact that information about Clint’s children is next to the watch in Maya’s apartment certainly helps support the idea.

There are a number of popular comic book heroes or characters who could be introduced to the MCU through this Rolex mystery, but that doesn’t seem as likely as the watch’s connection to Laura Barton. If it belongs to an Avenger, given that it was found in the compound, we probably shouldn’t look too far ahead of Hawkeye himself.

Kate recently discovered that Clint was the person who acted as Ronin during the Blip, mercilessly killing criminals to try to cover up the pain of losing his family to the Snap. Every major underworld figure on the planet wants to find the real Ronin, including Maya and her “uncle”, because of the pain Ronin has caused them. The watch could definitely have been the one Clint wore during his time as Ronin. This would mean that the person he refers to as a former colleague is actually himself. It would also explain why the watch in the wrong hands puts his family at risk.

There are only two episodes of Hawk Eye left, and the Rolex emerged as one of the show’s most important mysteries. It is impossible that we do not know more about its original owner before the end of the series.

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Floyd N. Morlan