Watch: YouTuber sneaks into fake Hasbulla wax statue in Madame Tussauds

As daring as it may seem, YouTubers pranking in the weirdest places still manage to leave everything amused online. And the latest blockbuster prank titled “reverse heist” was successfully performed at Madame Tussauds, where someone installed a fake wax figure.

Yes, dozens of visitors to London museums were duped recently when YouTuber Liam Bedford snuck into a mini figure of internet sensation Hasbulla Magomedov and placed it in the viewing area. While in most cases, sad lines of the wax models attracting a lot of attention, the statue’s uncanny resemblance to the internet star won over everyone who was there.

Explaining Hasbulla’s popularity over the past two years, with plenty of memes and interest in his boxing matches, Bedford explained in a video why the “internet king” deserves his statue at the museum.

So, spending money out of his own pocket – over £600 – he set to work creating the most realistic figure of Hasbulla standing around 3ft tall. To execute his plan successfully, he first obtained a 3D model of Hasbulla’s head and then commissioned him to 3D print it. Then, with the help of a trusted friend who painted the meme-star’s face, he attached him to a headless dummy, giving him a trendy and cool outfit.

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While creating the fake wax statute was expensive, its main challenge was being able to smuggle it inside the premises without a hitch. Inspired by the suggestions of some of his friends, he soon realized that women’s wellness products left security guards uneasy.

Covering the figure with a blanket and cloth dolls, Bedford explained how he stuffed his bag with women’s underwear, tampons and a packet of sanitary napkins to dodge a thorough check of his bag.

Once inside, he decided to test the stuffing on other visitors. He noted how delighted visitors were to spot the little figure on one of the display podiums. Her YouTube video showed guests excitedly taking pictures with her fake figure. However, a guest soon knocked the character’s head off and he grew anxious as more people began to crowd the area.

His video showed how not only visitors but even staff were surprised to spot the fake statue in the arena. Eventually, as security began to approach the figurine, Bedford decided to sneak away with the statue again after nearly 30 minutes, uncaught by museum staff.

He managed to carry out his plan without disturbing anything in the museum, in turn garnering millions of views on TikTok.

“I have to thank Madame Tussauds for taking the joke well, I didn’t expect that!” Bedford was cited by Indy100. “I also hope they know that if they want the silhouette in the building then they can – currently it’s just sitting in my room!”

Floyd N. Morlan