Watch WhistlinDiesel Send Their Carolina Squat Pickups Through This Junkyard’s Car Crusher

When a change in legislation essentially banned squat trucks, the YouTuber came up with a plan.

WhistlinDiesel Industrial Shredder
Whistlin Diesel YouTube Channel

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that pickup trucks and WhistlinDiesel go together like mac and cheese. That is, until the YouTube channel decided it was time to get rid of one of their beloved squat trucks. Getting rid of it or, as many YouTubers suggest, selling it just wasn’t dramatic enough. So, instead, the chain went in the most magnificent and destructive direction possible, and somehow managed to turn a profit at the same time. That’s right, folks, WhistlinDiesel sent his Toyota Hilux pickup to an industrial steel shredder – and now you can buy a jar of leftovers.

Pitching trucks crouched against the shredder of a junkyard

While WhistlinDiesel doesn’t need any motivation behind the chaotic and entertaining stunts and videos they perform, this one does seem to have some bittersweetness to it. The intro of the video features news clips regarding the recent change in laws in the home state. of WhistlinDiesel which bans the “Carolina Squat” – aka, the chain’s squat trucks, meaning they were banned. So what’s the only logical next step? Well, destroy the trucks, of course!

Bitterness was soon replaced by morbid fascination, as WhistlinDiesel seemed to enjoy pressing the buttons that would end the automotive life of the beloved squat trucks. It’s certainly an awe-inspiring process to watch, watching the pickups lifted and crushed before traveling further, on a treadmill, into tiny crushed components.

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You can buy the “squatting truck mulch”

WhistlinDiesel Squat Truck Mulch
via Whistlin Diesel

If you think the WhistlinDiesel team missed an opportunity by not selling the vehicle, you’re in for a treat, as they’ve gotten pretty enterprising. Instead of selling each squatted truck as a whole, they took it upon themselves to use the crushed components and sell them in a jar, which you can buy.

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Each jar of “Squatted Truck Mulch” is filled with various debris from the crushing, shredding and tearing of these vehicles, but there may be a hidden surprise for anyone who makes a purchase. For $149, shoppers can enjoy their new pot of mulch for a chance to win a cash lump sum of up to $50,000 and various other amounts as well.

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