Watch This MR2 Based Lamborghini Replica Deliver A Christmas Tree

Some people build Lamborghini replicas to trick viewers into thinking they are rich. Some people build Lamborghini replicas to try and capture some of the style and mystique of a supercar without breaking the bank. And some people are building Lamborghini replicas to tie a Christmas tree to the roof and deliver it to a photography studio.

That spell happened to the Murcielago car kit from the Hard Up Garage YouTube channel, nicknamed the Lampoorghini. Built this summer and based on a much cheaper price Toyota MR2 Turbo from the 1990s, the Lampoorghini looks like the part – at least until you get close. Once you start to inspect it, you notice that the passenger side door does not open due to slamming too early in the life of the car, the windows do not close fully, and the headlights and badges. do not quite match those of a real Murci. Still, the fake Lambo gets a lot of attention, and that’s before Hard Up Garage’s Sam and fellow YouTuber AdamC3046 load it up with a Christmas tree on the roof.

As you will see in the video above, the path to get the tree is not exactly transparent. Those aforementioned door windows, combined with the quintessentially British winter weather, mean both occupants get pretty wet while driving down the road. All that moisture inside evaporates and collects on the windshield, killing visibility, even with a single wiper working overtime outside. Eventually, neither the driver’s side door nor the passenger side window will close, which makes things even more exciting.

Eventually, Adam and Sam arrive at the tree and load a big 10ft onto the roof, decorating it for the ride with garlands, lights, and even a star hanging from the tip. Driving through town, the fake Lambo is a sight for spectators armed with phones and cameras. Finally, MR2-based Murcielago arrives at The Studio, a local photography studio in need of a Christmas tree for a charity event. After a quick photoshoot at the top of Lampoorghini, the tree is unloaded and the YouTubers are heading home.

It’s a big silly mess, but there’s no denying the joy of seeing a Lambo kit car carrying a fully decorated Christmas tree on its roof. The children laugh, the pedestrians give a thumbs up, and the other motorists shake their heads in bewilderment. Joy to the world, indeed.

Floyd N. Morlan