[WATCH] The world of virtual fashion and why people buy virtual clothes

[WATCH] The world of virtual fashion and why people buy virtual clothes

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Let’s talk about virtual fashion, shall we?

There is a great opportunity for fashion designers in the metaverse. If you have an eye for fashion, you might want to establish a mark in the metaverse.

Currently, blockchain virtual worlds such as Decentraland, Somnium Space, and Sandbox allow you to create and sell virtual clothing/fashion items as NFTs in micro-economies that run on crypto.

Just recently, Nike entered the NFT space after buying RTKFT Studios, a blockchain-based fashion brand that makes sneakers for the Metaverse.


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A sneaker made by RTKF Studios that was purchased by Nike.

Rumors say that in the not too distant future we will spend most of our time in virtual and immersive 3D environments that have the exact experience of the physical world, just that now we will no longer be limited by physical constraints.

If you watched Ready Player One, you got the idea pretty well.

Well, if you’ve been paying attention to what Mark Zuckerberg is talking about, you know how obsessed he is with pushing the idea by any means possible. Meta, Facebook’s umbrella company, has already pledged to spend $10 billion each year to make it happen. So if we’re going to spend most of our time in the metaverse, it stands to reason that what we love to do and indulge in today’s physical world needs to be replicated virtually. Of course, status and power will play by the same rules.

The most important status symbol is what you wear, don’t expect the virtual world to be any different – people really care about how their replicas look online.

Metagraph inside the first African virtual art gallery on Decentraland

Digital fashion will be a major and important part of the virtual economy as players jump from one virtual event to the next, and of course they have to drain.

The idea of ​​the Metaverse has been around for a while though – we attended virtual events and traded virtual fashion before Facebook was renamed Meta. But Facebook has really helped bring the idea to the masses and will be releasing the Horizon virtual world beta later in 2022, so I expect more gamers, creators, and buyers to arrive.

As the idea of ​​a virtual world grows and more big tech players come along, the virtual world ecosystem will only get better. The virtual economy is only going up from here and virtual fashion will be a big part of that. It’s time you did that simple Google search and educated yourself.

As the idea of ​​virtual fashion gains traction, we’ll start to see more and more big fashion brands jump on the bandwagon and hold virtual fashion-themed events like runway shows. , to market their brands and reach a wider audience.

Imagine being able to virtually discover your favorite brand in the metaverse before buying?

Yeah, that sounds good, I know.

If it looks like a cow, has four legs, and moos like a cow, it’s most likely a cow!

Your creativity is your only limit in the metaverse.




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