Watch a time-lapse video of WB’s pop-up experience in Singapore

Fans are a week away from the highly anticipated The Batman is coming to cinemas around the world, and Warner Brothers has been working hard to market the film. Now that we are so close to the movie’s release, we have started to see various pop-up experiences set up around the world to push the marketing of this movie home and one of those places is in Singapore at the Shaw House in Orchard Road. The experiment is titled The Batman “Unmask The Truth” which is one of the film’s many slogans and DC Asia released a time-lapse video to show fans how they pulled off the event.

The video, with Michael GiacchinoThe epic Batman theme in the background shows the center of the event being built. The main area consists of a working replica of the Bat-Signal and the Bat-Computer as they appear in the upcoming movie and right next to them is a life-size figure of Robert Pattinsonit’s Batman. The experience also includes a “themed photo booth” which is most likely hosted at the Bat-Computer.


This pop-up also allows you to recreate the many awesome The Batman posters with the now iconic red lighting scheme. In addition to this, the experience will feature limited edition products from local Singapore brands such as XM Studios showcasing their “The Batman’s Greatest Battles” showcase and Secret Lab will be unveiling the Batman Edition chair there which includes a detachable magnetic bat. -Symbol Other companies participating in this event are your usual suspects like Mcfarlane Toys and LEGO.

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The final fun aspect of this pop-up is The Riddler’s Challenge which is “an interactive puzzle-based online game that tests players’ knowledge of Orchard Road.” This challenge has some nice prizes like “The Riddler Pack” which contains movie-themed merchandise and there’s also a big cash prize for the ultimate Batman fan.

From the images and video provided, it looks like a joyfully memorable experience that celebrates both cinema and one of pop culture’s most popular characters while also serving as a reminder that Batman is a very global superhero. The experience is full of Bat-Vehicles, stunning statues of The Dark Knight, and eerie question marks worthy of this mysteriously alluring film.

The “Unmask The Truth” pop-up experience at the Shaw House in Orchard Road runs from February 27 to March 13 and The Batman hit theaters everywhere on March 4, 2022. You can find even more information about the experience here, and you can watch the full time-lapse video below.

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