Watch a talented artist repaint a Baby Yoda toy to look like the real Grogu prop

That Baby Yoda toy you marked in the trash at your local toy store won’t be a perfect replica of Grogu as he appears in the star wars series. If it’s precision you’re looking for, you’ll either have to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end replica from companies like Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles, or become a master painter like Stephen Richter and upgrade a Grogu toy yourself. .

Richter is both a talented painter and sculptor, and on their YouTube channel they share mesmerizing time-lapse videos of shapeless lumps of clay becoming incredibly realistic sculptures of pop culture icons like the Hulk. If you’re struggling to get through a Thursday that feels like a Friday you’d rather be a Saturday, you can easily waste the rest of the day watching Richter’s creations come to life.

Where Richter’s talents really shine is when they use their sculpting and painting skills to turn toys into replica Hollywood-caliber props. In November, a US$45 ($62) Jumanji The board game was turned into a $200 ($278) drool-worthy replica that looked like it came straight from that movie franchise’s props department, and this time around Richter is using those same skills to bring the board game to life. a Grogu toy from Mattel.

Be warned, the beginning of this video features a graphic decapitation of the Grogu toy followed by an amputation of both his hands, but this allows Richter to work their magic on those plastic parts, toning down the neon green paint job applied to the factory toy with a more subtle and nuanced finish. The results not only make the toy look like the incredible animatronic Grogu featured in Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Bookbut it makes the toy much more realistic and straight out of the grungy star wars universe, thanks to Richter’s improvements on Grogu’s coat as well.

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Floyd N. Morlan