Watch a short documentary about the making of the LEMMY statue at the HELLFEST in France

A video documenting the making of the massive new statue of MOTORHEAD leader Ian “Lemmy” Kilmisterwhich is presented this year at Hellfest in Clisson, France, can be seen below.

Lemmy had some of his ashes enshrined in the statue, which is the creation of Caroline Brisset, an emerging French sculptor who has exhibited her work in France and Belgium. Mainly inspired by energy rather than form and considering the human as a subject of both fascination and fear, she constructs works in steel that marry the concrete and the abstract to achieve a dreamlike effect.

Brisset was approached by Hellfest organizer Ben Barbaud last November on the creation of the Lemmy sculpture and she immediately agreed to get started.

“I said yes because it was a great project,” she said. West France. “And it was also quite a challenge to make such a big statue in such a short time.”

The official recognition ceremony for this unique commemoration took place yesterday (Thursday 23 June). After the SCORPIO – whose current range includes old MOTORHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee – closed the show at Hellfest, Dee and old MOTORHEAD guitarist Philip Campbell said a few words, a video tribute to Lemmy was played, and Phil and Mikkey raised a toast to the immortal and eternally popular Kilmister to the monument itself (see video below). The officially recognized ceremony Lemmythe love of the road and the fans, where he has always felt most at home.

Hellfest was one of Lemmy(MOTORHEAD played the very first Hellfest and had been a festival staple ever since), and the band have always had a terrific bond with their French rock and roll family. It is therefore appropriate that Lemmy will always be present on the site, with fans able to gather and pay their respects to him every Hellfest from now on. This ceremony also gave fans the opportunity to participate in their own commemoration of Lemmy and see a miniature replica of the personalized urn that houses Lemmythe ashes of Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood, California.

This year’s edition of Hellfest takes place over two weekends in June. Hellfest is an annual outdoor festival held in Clisson and one of the biggest metal festivals in all of Europe.

The brand new Lemmy statue replaces the previous sculpture of the HEAD OF MÖTÖRHEA mainman which was erected six years ago but is believed to be collapsing due to the plaster, of which it was partly made, was badly crumbling.

a smaller one Lemmy The statue was unveiled at his favorite drinking establishment, the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, Calif., in August 2016. Fans raised $23,000 to fund the sculpture. That same year, the Rainbow Bar & Grill dedicated its patio to Lemmy and renamed it “Lemmy’s Lounge”.

Lemmy, who celebrated his 70th birthday on December 24, 2015, learned two days later that he had an aggressive form of cancer. He died two days later, on December 28, 2015, at his home in Los Angeles.

Lemmy had faced several health issues in the few years before his death, including heart problems, forcing him to cut back on his famous smoking and Jack Daniel’s habits.

HEAD OF MÖTÖRHEA was forced to cancel a number of shows in 2015 due to Lemmyof failing health, although they managed to complete a final European tour just two weeks before his death.

In June 2020, it was announced that Lemmy will receive the biopic treatment. upcoming movie, “Lemy”will be led by Greg Oliverwho previously directed the documentary of the same name in 2010, “Lemy”.

“Lemy” will follow Kilmistergrowing up in Stoke-on-Trent, becoming a roadie for jimi hendrix and member of a founding psychedelic rock band FALCON before forming MOTORHEAD.

A custom-made ballot box containing LemmyThe ashes of are on permanent display in a columbarium at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood, California.

In a 2015 interview with Kerrang! magazine, Lemmy he was asked how he felt when people called him a legend. He replied, “As long as they don’t believe it, it’s fine.” He continued, “Who wouldn’t want a hero somewhere in their life? And that might as well be me, because I don’t give a damn about them, and I don’t give a damn. them because of it.” But he added: “I’m not a legend. I’ve never thought of myself as particularly special. Maybe I make brilliant music, but that’s about it.”

Floyd N. Morlan