Watch a hilarious and bad fake IPL filmed on a FARM as brazen crooks are arrested for defrauding Russian gamers

A GROUP of scammers have been arrested after setting up a hilarious fake IPL – scamming Russian gamers out of thousands of pounds.

The crooks rented a field on a farm in Gujarat, western India, and paid laborers £4 per ‘match’ for the fully run tournament.


Four scammers have been arrested after setting up a fake IPL to scam players out of moneyCredit: BBC News website
In total, Russia-based players parted ways with around £3,400 before the fake tournament was staged.


In total, Russia-based players parted ways with around £3,400 before the fake tournament was staged.Credit: BBC News website

Unwitting players based in Russia parted ways with around £3,400 before the cops realized the outrageous scam.

The crooks have hired a fake referee and even a commentator impersonating the legendary Harsha Boghle to give it a sense of authenticity, while also using replica kits from the real teams.

They broadcast the matches on a YouTube channel called IPL.

But any true cricket fan could instantly tell the game was totally wrong – especially given the elite level of the legitimate IPL.

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Not only was the level of cricket that of your local village, but the pitch was worn and boasted a steeper slope than Lord’s.

The fraudsters played fake crowd noises on their footage and never showed a wide shot of the pitch.

Police Inspector Bhavesh Rathod told reporters the “referee” was told by walkie-talkie whether to signal a four, a six or a wicket.

It is claimed that the fake tournament took place three weeks after the conclusion of the real IPL in May.


Incredibly, the “Indian Premier Cricket League”, as it was called, managed to achieve its QUARTERFINAL step before the police scold him.

Local reports claim Russian-based players placed bets on a Telegram channel set up by the gang and parted with more than £3,000 throughout the tournament.

Betting on cricket is illegal in India.

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Four people have been arrested for their involvement in the brazen scam.

The suspects were charged with criminal conspiracy and gambling, according to Reuters.

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