This Jeep Collapses When The Owner Sits In It, But There’s A Catch

The builders only used Lego bricks to make even the parts for the Jeep replica.

By HT automatic office
05 March 2022, 11:20

The Jeep looked very realistic. (Image: Youtube/Beyond the Brick)

Jeeps are known for their rugged construction and ability to go where other vehicles cannot. However, this applies to the Jeep which is made of metal, not Lego bricks. A video on Youtube has surfaced showing someone building a replica Jeep out of 120,000 tiny plastic Lego bricks, then unwittingly destroying it as well.

The life-size Lego Jeep replica looked very realistic before it fell apart.

The Jeep replica was built with a real ladder frame as its backbone. The ladder frame was built with Lego bricks, complete with shock absorbers and leaf springs. Builders attached separately constructed body panels such as fenders, grille, firewall, floors and chassis, while the entire structure rested on jack stands.

Most full-size vehicle replicas built with Lego bricks generally resemble the outer layers. Underneath they are usually supported by Lego bracing structures which bear little similarity to actual automotive architecture. Also, many builders build such full-size Lego vehicle replicas with boxed support frames made of non-Lego materials like wood.

In this case, the builders relied entirely solely on Lego bricks. It gets a realistic replica of the Go-Devil inline-four engine, complete with air filter, radiator and manifold. It also comes with four large wheels and tires, a three-spoke steering wheel – all this gives a realistic image. The Jeep even gets a jerry can and a Lego key.

It was perfect so far until the manufacturer decided to sit in the Jeep replica. One of the two men claimed first and sat down with no problem. When the second person attempted the same, everything was fine, but when he attempted to disembark, the aftershock disintegrated dramatically, as the entire structure collapsed.

However, before being destroyed, the replica had already served its purpose. Lego claims the team built it for display at a Lego show in Manchester, which already ended before it crumbled.

Date of first publication: Mar 05, 2022, 11:20 a.m. IST

Floyd N. Morlan