This $120,000 Boba Fett Watch Is So Limited Only 10 Are Made

Star Wars collectibles and collectibles can be worth a fortune over time. However, some are so limited that selling them just isn’t worth it.

For example, a limited-edition Boba Fett-themed watch from Kross Studio.

According to Kross Studio’s announcement, it has teamed up with Lucasfilm and collaborated with EFX Collectibles to create a collectible set that includes a Boba Fett-inspired tourbillon watch and a starfighter-inspired watch display. galactic bounties.

Kross Studio, a company that creates and designs watches, said only 10 of these collectible sets will be made.

Details of the Kross Studio Boba Fett Tourbillon watch

(Photo: Studio Kross)

Kross Studio’s announcement mentioned that the Boba Fett-inspired tourbillon watch comes in a 45mm grade 5 titanium case coated in chocolate PVD. It’s made up of eight pieces, with each miniature tourbillon cage hand-engraved and printed to resemble Fett’s spaceship as seen in “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.”

The company has also added a unique peripheral format for reading the hours and minutes using a planetary gear system with a 12-factor gear ratio that orbits the tourbillon. To optimize the efficiency of the movement as much as possible, Kross Studio fixed the hour and minute display system on two very large, high-precision ball bearings.

Kross Studio Boba Fett Collector Needle Set

(Photo: Studio Kross)
An enlarged image of the Boba Fett inspired watch from Kross Studio showing the hour hand with a miniature replica of Boba Fett’s spaceship atop the tourbillon carriage.

The design of the watch’s hour hand is inspired by Fett’s jetpack, while its minute hand was designed to resemble the rocket attached to its jetpack.

The watch also has no visible crown due to Kross Studio’s D-ring crown system placed on the back of the case. To wind the mainspring barrel of the watch, you will need to lift the D-ring, which turns like a key.

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Kross Studio Boba Fett Collector Set Button

(Photo: Studio Kross)
An image of Kross Studio’s Boba Fett inspired tourbillon watch with the “Set Time” button at 3 o’clock.

To set the time on the watch, you will need to press the “Time Set” push button at 3 o’clock while turning the case back D-ring back and forth at the same time.

Kross Studio said using the D-ring crown system is “a more intuitive and efficient user experience” than using a traditional watch crown.

As for battery life, the watch has a maximum power reserve of five days. However, Kross Studio has not specified how to replace these batteries or charge them without removing them from the watch.

Unlike the watch battery, Kross Studio has made the watch straps interchangeable to help preserve the sleek lines of the watch. The color of the other straps is also inspired by those of Fett’s armor. Thus, the watch comes with three usable straps: the green polyamide strap already attached, the chocolate-colored calfskin strap and the black rubber strap.

Other offers and why only 10 will be made

Kross Studio Boba Fett Complete Collector's Set

(Photo: Studio Kross)
An image showcasing all of the items included in the Boba Fett Collectible Set from Kross Studio.

The Kross Studio Boba Fett Collector’s Set also comes with a Boba-Fett spaceship-inspired watch made by EFX, a maker of accurate “extremely high quality” limited-edition replica accessories and collectibles. onscreen” of movies, television, video games and other entertainment media.

These watch displays, which are unique from each other, are made to the same scale as the actual filming model as seen in “Empire Strikes Back”, and are made using a steel substructure. aluminum and acrylic, while detailed parts were cast in resin.

The Kross Studio Boba Fett Collector’s Set is available for sale individually on the company’s official website for $120,000. Only 10 of these collectible sets will be made as they will be hand painted and meticulously engraved.

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Floyd N. Morlan