The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch is the most accessible watch in Ed Sheeran’s collection

As Omega’s Head of Product Design Gregory Kissling said QG before the launch of the watch, “The reference was the last version we made for the Moonwatch with the master chronomaster upgrade, but really the inspiration comes from the fourth generation of the first watch worn on the moon – the famous ST105.012, which has exactly the same dimensions.

Although the black colorway of the Moon wasn’t the first to be designed in the collection – that honor goes to “Mission to the Sun”, Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann told us that naturally the color of origin was to be included in this special project. And for that reason, it was of the utmost importance that it was designed to the highest specification possible.

“The nature of the case body was a huge technical challenge just to produce the mold to inject the components and dials. Usually we have flat dials, but in this case we introduced the recessed sub-dials and also the small pitch,” added Kissling, detailing the levels the teams went to to ensure this Swatch was also similar. as possible to an Omega.

The overwhelming majority of watch enthusiasts were complimentary about the collaboration, but a few people wondered if it belittled Omega Speedmasters, which is why Sheeran’s decision to package the MoonSwatch most like Omega’s original. is important. Any other colorway – Mars was popular, as was Saturn – would have proven Sheeran was into the idea of ​​a Swatch Speedmaster. But as a respected watch authority, Opting for the Moon essentially debunked the idea that this collaboration was anything but an unqualified success and a shining example of how the watch industry can be more accessible and inclusive. for more people.

Now that you know more about the MoonSwatch, do like Ed Sheeran and join the queue to buy one yourself.


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