Swatch x Omega Speedmaster “MoonSwatch” watch collaboration

Omega and Swatch have teamed up to create a truly galactic watch, in every sense of the word. Appropriate, as the Speedmaster “MoonSwatch” collaboration is a first in the contemporary watch market.

Watch collaborations are certainly not new – last year we saw the efforts of Audemars Piguet x Marvel, TAG Heuer x Nintendo and Bulgari x MB&F, to name a few – but a partnership between two Swiss watchmaking giants further draws a parallel with large-scale fashion. collaborations that have come to infiltrate the fashion industry, such as adidas x Gucci, Yeezy GAP Engineered by Balenciaga and Fendace.

Swatch and Omega, which both belong to the Swatch Group, are worthy partners with a whole horological heritage between them.

In the early 80s, during what is known as the Quartz Crisis, Swatch stepped in and kept the Swiss watch industry afloat. Omega created the Speedmaster; which was first carried into space by Wally Schirra in 1962 by means of astronaut’s personal second generation Speedmaster ref CK 2998.

A few years later, after undergoing brutal tests, the Speedmaster was officially approved by NASA, and in 1969 during the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Speedmaster (ref 105.012) became the very first watch worn on the moon.

That’s why the Speedmaster was the perfect base for the MoonSwatch, which will be launched on the Swatch website and in its stores on March 26. Of course, the collaboration is inspired not just by the moon, but by all of space: it includes 11 Swatches named after 11 planetary bodies.

The watches, priced at $260, are all bioceramic and come in brighter hues as well as more muted tones, depending on which planet they descended from. There’s a “Mission to the Moon” watch – which is perhaps the most classic of the bunch – a replica of the traditional Moonwatch colorway: black dial, sub-dials and bezel, luminous hands and hour markers.

The Mission to Mars watch is for true Speedmaster nerds; a tribute to the Alaska project, a code name used by Omega for all Speedmaster/NASA developments. In 2008, Omega launched a limited series of 1,970 watches to commemorate the Project Alaska prototypes of the early 70s.

The watch is famous for its removable red aluminum donut-shaped case that would theoretically withstand temperatures of 150 degrees C to 260 degrees C, and its Gemini capsule hands on the sub-dials to ensure perfect readability in adverse conditions.

Other colors include a bright yellow “Mission to the Sun” watch, a brown beige combination for “Mission to Saturn” with the rings of Saturn at six o’clock and a dusty pink “Mission to Venus” – the planet of love . On each case back, you’ll find a battery cover that features a representation of its planet, evoking Speedmaster’s “Moon to Mars” sub-dials.

All watches come with a spacesuit-ready velcro strap, a historic nod to NASA requirements; all Apollo astronauts had to wear their Speedmaster on Velcro for purely functional reasons, allowing them to clip the watches onto their bulky space suits.

The MoonSwatch is a fun take on a hard-hitting watch icon that holds significant collectible weight in the watch space.

With classic vintage Speedmaster features such as the famous tachymeter scale with a point above ninety, the collaboration brings this chronograph legend into a more accessible space (no pun intended).

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Floyd N. Morlan