Stefon Diggs’ Allen and The Bills video goes viral [WATCH]

Stefon Diggs’ Allen and The Bills video goes viral [WATCH]

The last time the Buffalo Bills were as popular as they are now in Western New York dates back to the 90s. I grew up watching the team in the early 2000s when the 17 years in the playoffs began.

It was hard to watch the Bills lose and miss the playoffs over and over again. It would take the right people in place, in the most important positions to change things, and this is what happened between 2017 and 2020.

The Bills signed Sean McDermott as head coach and Brandon Beane as general manager in 2017, then quarterback Josh Allen in 2018. The team then traded star receiver Stefon Diggs in March 2020.

Allen and Diggs became one of the best quarterback receiver tandems in the NFL, and together they led the Bills to more than 11 consecutive seasons and consecutive AFC East titles; as well as two playoffs.

The end of the AFC Kansas City Divisional Round game against the Chiefs didn’t end the way the Bills or the fans wanted, but the offense certainly wasn’t the reason the Bills lost. .

They scored 36 points and Allen threw for 4 touchdowns and had nearly 400 total yards of offense. He solidified himself in the league’s best 2-3 quarterbacks with his two playoff performances in January 2022.

Stefon Diggs didn’t have a big game in Kansas City, but Gabriel Davis did, catching 4 touchdowns from Allen. Stefon was a guest on The Man To Man Podcast with Antoine Bethea and Darius Butler during Super Bowl Media Week, and his quotes about Allen, the Bills and what really matters with the team caught the attention of every fan. Bills.

Diggs says he doesn’t care about regular-season accolades and all those stats don’t matter in the playoffs. Stefon also said that everyone wanted the ball, but he wasn’t going to demand a ball in a game like they did at KC because Allen was playing so well and Davis was leaving.

Diggs showed a lot in this video and how humble he is and what matters most is winning, not personal stats.

Watch the amazing video below.

Diggs should definitely retire at Buffalo. It’s a dream come true for Bills fans and he, along with Allen, will one day bring a championship to town.

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