Rolex watch guide: the best new and vintage watches

Yet surpassing even that, Rolex’s “Superlative Chronometer” designation, which shows that each watch has undergone a series of internal tests in accordance with its own demanding criteria, delivering a degree of variation of just +/- 2 seconds per day, twice the accuracy required by COSC.

The last two words are the smallest and yet perhaps the most important of all. They are “Swiss Made”. In the case of Rolex, however, this does not simply guarantee compliance with a legally enforceable designation. Instead, it serves as a reminder to the wearer that Rolex is a vertically integrated company like no other: capable not only of testing its own watches beyond the parameters of agencies such as the COSC, but also capable of forging its own. own steel, mixing his own oils, smelled his own gold – the list of his skills goes on and on.

If Rolex watches were simply rugged and reliable, their reputation would be intact. But what makes Rolex truly different is the extent to which its own unwavering approach to quality is reflected in the accomplishments of its many admirers. Ever since Mecedes Gleitze featured in the commercial for the first Rolex Oyster in the twenties, these top performers have become known as ‘Testimonials’ and that’s quite the role to play: in motorsport alone – where Rolex currently sponsors F1 – there is three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart, who celebrated his own half-century as a witness in 2018.

But the person who contributed – albeit indirectly – to one of Rolex’s greatest, perhaps unbeatable, accolades was not one of them. Paul Newman owned several Cosmograph “Daytona” chronographs, but the most famous now is the 1968 “exotic compound” number he gave to his then-daughter’s boyfriend with the words: “Keeps good time”. In 2017, it sold for almost £ 14million, the highest price ever paid for a wristwatch at auction.

The sale has once again changed the weather for Rolex, but even as demand for its iconic timepieces increases, Rolex is responding to market forces in its own way and thoughtfully. This became clear when, together with its sister brand Tudor and Geneva-based neighbor Patek Philippe (as well as two other independent watch companies), the Couronne announced that it was leaving its historic home at Baselworld in order to focus on showcasing her next collection at the Watches & Wonders event next spring. This has so far precluded any further announcements in 2020, a situation that has only heightened speculation about what could happen next, while also fueling further demand for the coins revealed in the last appearance at Baselworld l ‘last year.

so here’s GQThe three choices of the current Rolex collection (albeit 2019):

Rolex Datejust 36

Alain costa

Floyd N. Morlan