Mini chopper, Rolex watch to Jacqueline and luxury cars to her family: ED charge

New Delhi: Indictment in the 200 crore rupee PMLA case filed against multimillionaire con artist Sukesh Chandrasekhar reveals that in order to gain the trust of Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, he made a fake call and made her believe that he was speaking from the office of the Union Home Secretary, Amit Shah.

This bogus call was made by Chandrasekhar to Shan Muthathil, Jacqueline Fernandez’s makeup artist. Jacqueline was initially not interested in talking to Chandrasekhar, but after the bogus call she started talking to him.

Chandrasekhar gave her many luxury gifts including Gucci outfits for sportswear, Gucci shoes, Rolex watch, 15 pairs of earrings, 5 Birkin bags, Hermes bracelets and LV bags. He also gave Jacqueline a mini helicopter which she returned.

The indictment states that Sukesh also gifted a BMW car to Geraldine Fernandez, Jacqueline’s sister who lives in the United States. According to the charge sheet, Sukesh donated approximately $ 1,80,000 and a Porche car to Jacqueline’s mother.

However, the actress in her recorded statement to ED officials said her sister took out a loan of $ 150,000 from Chandrasekhar. She also agreed that he would transfer around Rs 15 lakh to her brother’s account who lives in Australia.

“I have been speaking to Sukesh since February 2017. In August 2021 he was arrested, after which I never met him. He told me he was the owner of Sun TV and Jayalalithaa’s political family, ”Jacqueline told ED, the indictment read.

The ED filed this indictment last week. The court immediately took note of the indictment.

Floyd N. Morlan