Million Pound Pawn guest crushed as Grandpa SMASHES ‘Rolex expert to prove fake

A MILLION Pound Pawn guest was horrified after his grandfather’s Rolex watch was shattered into pieces because it turned out to be a fake.

Andrea had arrived at the Sheffield-based pawnshop with what she believed to be a gold-plated Rolex, a Daytona and a pocket watch.


Andrea was horrified when the watch was smashed into pieces

While the Daytona initially interested pawnshop Dan, with a real deal reaching £ 15,000, it was soon discovered to be a fake.

He told viewers that the increase in “super fakes” in jewelry made it harder than ever to assign the correct value to items.

Finding the Daytona to be worthless, he turned his attention to the gold Rolex, which Andrea was hoping to sell for at least £ 600.

She revealed that the watch had enormous sentimental value, belonging to Andrea’s grandfather before his death.

The fake Rolex belonged to his grandfather before his death


The fake Rolex belonged to his grandfather before his deathCredit: ITV
Andrea was told the watch should be destroyed


Andrea was told the watch should be destroyedCredit: ITV

Inspecting it closely, Dan explained that it was fake but that real gold had been used to make it which could give it great value.

Holding it in his hand, the expert added that it had the right softness to be gold and was keen to weigh it to determine its value.

Dan then made a shattering realization, telling Andrea, “I have to destroy him to find out how much he is worth.”

Agreeing to let the pawnshop smash the watch into pieces, he took a small hammer and struck the jewelry until it started to shatter.

Dan needed a closer look at the watch to determine its value


Dan needed a closer look at the watch to determine its valueCredit: ITV

Andrea covered her ears so she wouldn’t have to listen to the pounding as the watch was destroyed.

When it was in pieces, Dan weighed the different parts of the watch and began the valuation, taking into account how the price of gold hit an all-time high during the pandemic.

His appraisal concluded that he would buy the watch from the guest for £ 2,700 – more than four times what Andrew expected.

“Are you serious?” asked the shocked guest, visibly delighted that the watch had more than sentimental value.

Andrea was delighted to find it was worth £ 2,700


Andrea was delighted to find it was worth £ 2,700Credit: ITV

Andrea then handed over the pocket watch, which the expert did not need to destroy to determine it was worth £ 2,800.

“I can’t believe it,” Andrea said upon realizing she walked away with £ 5,500 after joking that she “never gets anything” in life.

Speaking to Twitter, fans were shocked at the final prize as one wrote: ‘Someone explain to me why you would make a fake watch with £ 2,000 of gold?’

Another intervened: “Surely he could have given her the price of the pocket watch before he broke his grandfather’s watch?”

“Why did she have to be there to see her grandfather’s watch broken?” Asked a fourth concerned viewer.

“Brutal! Poor watch!” a fourth joked.

Million Pound Pawn airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ITV.

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