Man performed ‘weird’ dance moves before stealing £9,000 Rolex watch

This dancing thief from Nottingham has invented a “weird” way to steal Rolex watches – by adapting a distraction technique named after legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho.

West Midlands Police released CCTV footage showing what Abdelhadi Bahou-Jabour did, and his dance moves were described as “part Bruce Forsyth, part Artful Dodger”.

In the video, Bahou-Jabour addresses a couple in Colmore Row, Birmingham, at midnight on July 10.

Initiating conversation, he claps the pair’s hands before showing nimble street moves that see him close in on the woman before spreading her leg apart.

Unbeknownst to him, it’s a finely tuned distraction technique, and within seconds he’s slipped his £9,000 Rolex watch from his wrist.

Bahou-Jabour, 24, then tries the same trick on his partner but fails because the watch catches on the man’s shirt cuff.

Abdelhadi Bahou-Jabour, 24, pleaded guilty to two robberies and one attempted robbery.

CCTV shows him jogging in the grounds of St. Philip’s Cathedral where he comes across a woman also wearing a Rolex.

This time he approaches her chanting “It’s Coming Home” before grabbing the woman and trying to pull the watch off her wrist as well.

But realizing something is wrong, she resists, Bahou-Jabour twisting her arm and causing her pain and fear before finally slipping the designer watch, worth £4,700, from her arm and slipping her arm. escape.

Bahou-Jabour was arrested and charged with two robberies and one attempted robbery.

Bahou-Jabour, who declined to say where he lived or what he did with the stolen watches, later admitted two thefts and an attempted theft at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday September 1.

He was due to be sentenced on October 6.

As part of the investigation, his mobile phone was examined and photos from a house party showed associates jailed last month for the same trick.

PC Mat Evans, who was part of the Bahou-Jabour investigation, spoke about the unusual distraction technique that was adapted by the thief.

PC Evans, said: “This technique, where a criminal dances with his victim to distract him, has been called ‘Ronaldinho’ after the famous dancing footballer.

“Normally pickpockets try to steal using stealth so you don’t even notice it.

“But this technique takes the opposite approach, using excessive contact to distract your attention from feeling like you’ve had your pockets emptied or, in this case, your watch stolen.

“It’s not a skill you pick up overnight, it takes many hours of training and practice to perfect, and it’s very effective.

“I’ve seen the ‘Ronaldinho’ technique used before, but this offender’s particular dance moves were the most bizarre I’ve ever seen. Part Bruce Forsyth, part Artful Dodger.

“I would always advise people to be on their toes on a night out as professional pickpockets are just as active as during the day.

“The best protection you can have is recognizing the signs of how pickpockets are doing what they are doing, walking away from them, and sounding the alarm.”

Floyd N. Morlan