John Calipari closes the book on the “lucky” gold Rolex watch

Kentucky Coach John Calipari was perhaps the lucky charm for British women this weekend.

Calipari, along with his wife, Ellen, was in Nashville to watch the Wildcats rally after a 15-point second-half deficit to stun No. 1 South Carolina 64-62 to claim their first tournament title SEC in 40 years.

But in the process, Calipari almost lost his “lucky charm”.

As he cheered on the Cats in the stands, Calipari’s “lucky” gold Rolex watch flew from his wrist. After the game, Calipari posted an all-points bulletin on Twitter to try and get it back.

“The pin may have come out, I don’t know, but I did like this and it went back five rows,” said Calipari, who was clearly in a playful mood on his weekly radio show. Monday evening. “And I knew it was off my wrist and so I was hoping it was near my feet. And it wasn’t. And so I said, ‘You have no idea. where this thing went. I told the guy maybe you could go take a look.”

Calipari happily provided more juicy details about his prized possession.

“I said ‘lucky’ watch. The reason I said ‘lucky’ watch…I don’t want you to tell anyone. My wife gave me this watch for Christmas,” Calipari said. “I paid for her herself with my money. She looks at me, like, ‘You can’t find that watch, you’re going to have a real problem.’ So I was like ‘lucky charm, please get lucky and come back or I have to face this woman.'”

He turned out to be lucky after all. The Calipari sat in the UK section and the watch was found by none other than women’s head coach Kyra Elzy.

“So we get a call later that night,” Calipari said. “They said it was like the Zapruder tape. People broke it down, its head came back, it must have come from the grassy knoll. And all of a sudden someone knows someone and now Coach Elzy calls me up and says, ‘We have your watch.’ I said, you what?'”

It turns out that Calipari, who signed a lifetime contract with the school in 2019 worth $86 million, owns several Rolex watches. It’s just not the kind you expect.

“I wear it a lot. And I have to wear it because otherwise [his son] Brad [Calipari] sneaks up to the house and takes watches. I have another Rolex that I bought in China. Amazing, beautiful watch. I got more compliments on this watch. Black face, white gold, and I paid $19 for it. After two months it stopped working. But $18 and 25 compliments, it was worth having it for a month.”

Calipari can breathe now, but losing a Rolex is no laughing matter. Rolex watches can fetch between $7,500 and $75,000.

“Let me tell you, it wasn’t fun not finding my watch,” Calipari said. “Again, she paid for it with my money, but she paid a lot of money, so I’m just glad I got it back. I’m happy with our fans. called and said, ‘You’re lucky I didn’t catch that watch. You would never have seen her.'”

Floyd N. Morlan