India passenger refuses to remove Rolex watch during security check-in at airport

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Image Credit: AP

New Delhi: A passenger blocked the security check process at Kempegowda Airport in Bengaluru after refusing to put his watch worth Rs 400,000 in a tray for a mandatory security check.

He was briefly detained and allowed to board a flight only after completing the security process, a senior CISF officer said. Airport passengers applauded the dedication of the serving personnel of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

The officer said the incident was reported on Tuesday when a man who was due to board a flight to Delhi was queuing for a mandatory security check at the airport.

“In turn, the CISF staff asked him to remove the metal objects, including the watch, and put them in the bin for the security check. He refused to follow security protocol claiming that his Rolex watch was worth Rs 40 lakh and that it could be stolen in the process, ”said the officer.

CISF duty staff tried to convince him, but he refused to listen. He interrupted the security screening process and caused inconvenience to the other passengers in the queue. He has been asked to withdraw and he will not be allowed to board the flight without following required safety protocols, he added.

“He later agreed to go through the process and was allowed to board the flight. No cases have been recorded, ”the officer said.

Floyd N. Morlan