How to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

Those who make these so-called replicas of course have the real tool and make sure their watches have the matching case back thread, often adding a sprinkle of other genuine parts.

“From a Rolex, they can make three counterfeits, using the dial for one, the case and the movement for the others. And it’s not just Rolex, but Omega, Breitling…”, said Schweizer.

Obvious tell-tale signs – without opening a watch – are clumsy letters, slightly misshapen hands or numbers, mismatched bezels, and sometimes a battery-operated quartz movement where there should be a self-winding mechanical movement.

With a battery-powered movement, the seconds hand jumps from second to second, while a self-winding watch has a noticeably smoother action.

Genuine Rolex on the left, fake Rolex on the right. You can see that the angles on the lugs are too long and the first link of the bracelet is stretched strangely for some reason. provided

Other than that, the fake may be lighter in the hand or have a cheaper Chinese movement, but the sophistication of these pieces is on the rise and they can cost several hundred dollars.

“Often they are given as gifts, and there are no papers, another gift. is not authentic… they ask ‘Are you sure?’ “, said Schweizer.

“Seeing it on your wrist you might never know, and I’ve had people proudly show me a fake, telling me it’s to wear on trips abroad. point out they’re crazy – in Europe they don’t expect you to be wearing a fake, and you could be mugged for a two hundred dollar watch.”

Bani McSpedden is editor of The Australian Financial Review and

Floyd N. Morlan