How Kaase residents rush to get free diesel from an overturned tanker [Watch]

How Kaase residents rush to get free diesel from an overturned tanker [Watch]

“The main road had been blocked and the only alternative was that rough road and he didn’t make it, so the thing went down,” explained ADO II Ebenezer Graham on the cause of the crash.

It took the effort of police and fire personnel to control the number of people traveling to the area to siphon fuel to their homes.

Meanwhile, residents siphoned off the diesel as they stored several drums of diesel in their homes before police and fire personnel could get to the scene.

Netizens who reacted to the video are outraged, not least because a similar incident that took the lives of many people, destroyed not only properties but an entire community, and rendered many homeless, occurred there. barely four months ago in Appiatse near Bogoso in the West region.

It will be recalled that on January 20, 2022, an explosion in Appiatse, a town near Bogoso, killed 13 people, seriously injuring 59 others, including a 15-month-old baby.

The incident, which followed an accident involving a truck carrying explosives for a mining company, a motorcycle and a third vehicle near an electrical transformer, reduced the town of Appaitse to rubble, killing residents and causing dozens of injuries.

Concerns have been raised that the vehicle could have exploded and could have been a replica of what happened in Appiatse.

Floyd N. Morlan