‘How I sold my Rolex N5m watch for N500k’ —Filmmaker, Nwachukwu Emioma

He produced several films and also wrote a number of screenplays. Nwachukwu Emioma is passionate about film production and screenwriting. In this interview with FEMI OGUNTAYO, Emioma talks about her lifestyle as well as some burning issues in the movie industry.

What’s new with you?

In fact, I have a lot planned for the year. Already there is a project that is in the works and it is going to be a blockbuster and apparently will give Nollywood another opening since it has international affiliations. Lots of hit movies and again the new year hasn’t started for me because; I did a lot of shopping and travelling, which relaxes me a lot. So let’s keep our fingers crossed as this all unfolds.

Tell us about some of your new and upcoming projects

I prefer not to talk too much about it because people can’t destroy what they don’t know. Let’s stay in the shuffle and don’t get lost in the shuffle.

It’s been a long time for you as a filmmaker, how would you describe the journey so far?

He was the same old same old. The journey to Nollywood has been sweet and bittersweet and every time I’m asked that I get this feeling of entitlement because I feel I’ve given a lot to Nollywood and I haven’t even gotten a tenth but I see a silver lining and it always keeps me focused. But overall, cinema is for the brave and Nollywood is indebted to me. I gave Nollywood more than 15 years of my life.

What do you mean by Nollywood indebted to you?

I’ve given 15 years of my life to the industry and I don’t have a Banana Island mansion to show it off, nor do I have mouth-watering multi-million naira endorsements to show it off, so until t that I can comfortably boast of a mansion in Ikoyi, Nollywood is indebted to me as it is my main occupation.

You travel a lot, especially off the coast of Africa in the past, and you brag about it too. Would you say that traveling is a hobby for you?

(Laughs) I don’t brag about my travels. I haven’t even made destination trips for years and I hope that this new year I will travel to at least 7 countries and be at peace with myself. The truth is that I am claustrophobic and suffer the fate of a Nigerian living in Nigeria and considering the type of profession that requires a lot of energy in unhealthy environments most of the time, it is even better to live outside foreigner. Not just to travel and return. It’s safe to say that traveling should be a hobby, but I can’t afford it the way I want to, but soon enough it would be a hobby.

Let’s get into the personal life of Emioma Nwachukwu; Can you tell us about your love life and your relationships with women?

My love life is very uninteresting. Women are complicated by their nature and as such you have to be careful who you are involved with to avoid getting emotionally damaged. Also, I am of the opinion that a rich man is like a beautiful girl so one must have all it takes to be a Nigerian woman’s man and unfortunately this generation understands money more than anything else. Every man wants to be with the right woman for his sanity and when you find the right woman no one tells you it’s time. I have a great relationship with women and sometimes it sends them the wrong signals and that’s why they say mischievous men are the most promiscuous, but my case is different.

Have you had a relationship with anyone in the industry?

Well, she was a popular actress, so it didn’t make the headlines. It’s normal to sometimes find company with you at your place of work, because the more often you meet people. the more you tend to develop feelings for them, even if it has to be reciprocated for anything to happen.

Who is your ideal woman?

I really want my mother in the wife to call my wife. I grew up watching my mom go through life without losing her core values ​​as a woman and that kind of put a label on the kind of woman I would eventually call my wife. She must be tolerant, enterprising; cared for at home and should understand the importance of family. love and appreciate my family and win my heart. I am very family oriented and want the same in my wife

Tell us about some of your recent travel experiences?

Since last year in May I haven’t traveled and my international passport was stolen by a family friend who claimed he wanted to abuse me and I just got a blank passport which I can expect from de-virgin. My last trip dates back to May of last year.

In a chat, you told how you came back broke… What do you mean by that? Could you be more precise ?

Oh, my last trip out of Nigeria was funny. So when I came back from the trip after spending a fortune on hotels, sightseeing, shopping, I came home and my dollar account was empty and I didn’t know how to maintain the lifestyle I already had, so i had to sell my vintage rolex wrist watch which was worth five million naira for five hundred thousand naira in Aboki and it is still a move i regret so much as i could have lived without having to sell the vintage rolex which meant so much to me.

Even though you may not have hit the jackpot yet, would you say cinema in Nigeria is profitable?

It’s profitable, but you have to target the big screens… The cinema… as is generally the case in business, you invest more money and you earn more money. You also need to understand that the craft and filmmaking goes beyond just making the film. Marketing is the key.

Funke Akindele’s Omo Getto the Saga is the highest-grossing Nigerian film of all time. What do you think she did differently that gave the film such prominence in its time?

First of all, she did great marketing after making a good movie. Plus, she’s a household name and it’s easier for her to drum up support than someone who doesn’t have such a base in terms of popularity.

Are there any steps you’ve taken in the past as a producer that you’ve regretted taking?

Well, it has to do with fights with actors on my set. When I was shooting RIVALS, a certain actor misbehaved and I was so angry I stroked my set. I canceled the shoot. I told everyone to go home even when my employees were begging to try to calm me down so that my funds were not wasted. I told them I was going to hit the set and 3 days later I would go to Dubai to calm down just to prove to the actor that I was not one of those broke producers that they can frustrate into submission. I regret it because reshooting costs money and it was one of my proudest moments

Finally, what are your words for the upcoming actors, the star actors in the industry?

Up and coming actors, be humble, listen and learn and focus because even the superstars you look up to had their humble beginnings. Featured actors; appreciate the producers who put food on your table, who made you the brand you are today. Be humble because everyone has their peak. You won’t stay relevant forever, but the good relationships you’ve built would have producers calling you for jobs, even when your face can’t sell a DVD copy anymore.


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