Hawkeye viewers think they know who owns the mysterious Rolex watch

Hawk Eye viewers are confident who owns the mysterious Rolex.

In the fourth episode of Marvel’s latest Disney Plus series, more attention is paid to the object that was found in the wreckage of Avengers HQ after Thanos blew it up.

It is revealed in Hawk Eye that a group known as the Tracksuit Mafia was hired to specifically collect the watch at the auction it was to be sold at.

Hawkeye aka Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) says in the episode that he belonged to someone he worked for and who has now retired. He fears that if the Tracksuit Mafia identifies its owner, that person is in danger.

One scene has viewers theorizing about who Hawkeye’s former colleague is, with many speculating to be his wife Laura (Linda Cardellini).

Laura was considered a supporting actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but when asking about the watch in episode four, she reveals a hidden detail about her character.

People are convinced Laura has a well-known past that we don’t yet know

(Walt Disney Studios)

On the phone, she switches from English to fluent German when she asks Clint about the Rolex.

Viewers believe this moment may hint that she has previous experience in the spy world, with many being convinced that she is the retired SHIELD agent who is now suddenly in danger.

After fans shared the theory on Twitter, many praised it, one exclaimed: “It makes so much sense!”

It remains to be seen who hired the Tracksuit Mafia, although fans believe (and hope) it will be Kingpin.

The character’s appearance was teased in the third episode of the series – and it is believed that Vincent D’Onofrio, who played the villain in Netflix’s Daredevil series, will reprise the role in an upcoming episode.

Meanwhile, Florence Pugh, who returned in the fourth episode as Black Widow character Yelena Belova, revealed she was “blocked” from posting to the show on Instagram after a fan complained about her sharing of spoilers.

Hawk Eye airs Wednesdays until the final episode on December 23.

Floyd N. Morlan