Hawkeye Finale Ending Explained: The Rolex Watch, Kingpin and More!

Not only that, but she was apparently Agent 19. It’s an interesting twist. In the comics, Agent 19 was Barbara Morse, who later became the Avenger called Mockingbird. She and Hawkeye were an item and were married for a time. The thing is, Marvel Agents of SHIELD The show already had a Bobbi Morse character played by Adrianne Palicki.

It could just be that Laura Barton was Agent 19 while Bobbi was Mockingbird and no feet were stomped. Again, I’m not sure if Agents of SHIELD even gave Bobbi the nickname Mockingbird at all times. Anyway, it seems for now that these two agents can co-exist, but don’t be too surprised if the MCU decides not to honor the canon of Agents of SHIELD By this point.

Death of Ronin

The final moments show Clint and Kate burning Ronin’s costume. Clint Barton has wanted to retire since the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. He felt the need to help his friends take a stand in Captain America: Civil War and although apprehended, he seemed to genuinely enjoy the punishment of house arrest. Then Thanos arrived and his family ceased to exist. Clint got lost in the identity of Ronin and it took Natasha Romanoff to bring him back from the brink. He brought back his beloved family, but at the expense of his best friend.

The Hawkeye show was about Clint moving on so he can finally be at peace. He made peace with his survivor’s guilt. He made some sort of peace with one of those hurt by his actions as a Ronin. More importantly, he’s finally accepted the one thing he’s been hesitating about for years: that he’s a hero and for some, a role model. He not only accepts Kate as his partner, but as someone who can look up to him and see the good he is worth.

Perhaps we’ll see Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton for a cameo down the line. Maybe he’ll even show up in a more supporting role if there’s another season. But just like his Phase 1 comrades, Clint Barton’s book seems to have closed and his story is over.

Kate Bishop is Hawkeye

In the comics, Clint was dead for a while after dying during a Kree invasion. He later returned, but in between all of this Kate made her first appearance and joined the Young Avengers. She initially considered calling herself “Hawkingbird”, but settled for being Hawkeye. I mean, if the previous Hawkeye was dead, then the coat was his, right? This only complicated matters when Clint came back to life and grew tired of the Ronin identity.

Floyd N. Morlan