Dinosaur exhibit to open in Mid-America

A new type of dinosaur is installed in the Mid-America Science Museum later this month when “Expedition Dinosaur: Rise of the Mammals” arrives in the Hall of Wonder.

The exhibition will be open to members on May 27 and open to the public on May 28, until August 20. The exhibition is included in admission to the museum.

The traveling exhibit will feature 10 animatronic dinosaurs and mammals, an interactive dinosaur drawing and animation station, a life-size Jeep and a life-size replica of the T-Rex skull.

Dylan Kuchel, director of buildings, grounds and facilities, said the exhibit spans more than 7,000 square feet and showcases a fresh take on dinosaurs.

“Basically we’re moving out of the Jurassic period and into the Cretaceous period, so think a few days before the asteroid hits, how it goes from dinosaurs to the rise of mammals,” Kuchel said.

“It’s a look at dinosaurs that has never been seen before,” he said.

The exhibit was created by Stage 9 Exhibits. Kuchel said the museum contacted Stage 9 to obtain the exhibit. “They have several different dinosaur exhibits. We were lucky to have this one,” he said.

“We just liked that these dinosaurs, they paint them in a new light that people haven’t really been able to see before. People have seen dinosaurs with feathers and stuff, but it really shows the next stage of your typical T-Rex, you know, Brachiosaurus-like dinosaurs, into mammal-like creatures,” Kuchel said.

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Kuchel also said the exhibit will be fun for all ages.

“If you’re a young toddler or old or young everyone is going to enjoy it, as long as you love dinosaurs it’s going to be awesome,” he said.

“It’s going to be really cool,” Kuchel said.

The exhibit has spent the past six months in Hawaii, and this will mark its continental US debut. The creatures add to those already found at the museum along the Oaklawn Foundation’s DinoTrek trail, which the museum says is the only one in the state. permanent exhibition of outdoor dinosaurs.

“We love our dinosaurs, yes. We have this DinoTrek with 21 dinosaurs, and we’re excited to incorporate this permanent exhibit that we have into our ‘Rise of the Mammals’ temporary exhibit,” he said.

Dinosaurs, Kuchel said, are “a great way to get kids interested in science. It’s a fun subject for kids, as well as anyone. If you like dinosaurs, you’re going to love this a lot.” .”

Casey Wylie, Director of Education, also said she is looking forward to the exhibit.

“I’m excited about it because it’s different from the dinosaurs that we have on permanent display here because it’s a later time period and it really gets across the idea that dinosaurs evolved and changed too and how are- we went from dinosaurs to the birds and chickens we have today… what was that transition like? I’m really excited that we’re talking about non-traditional dinosaurs,” she said.

“There will be a few that you know and love, like the T-Rex, but it’s really the story of what happened as this time period changed,” she said.

Most of the exhibit will be in the Hall of Wonder, but Kuchel said “it’s spilling out of the new hall.”

“So as you enter the museum, you will see fragments of it leading to the new Hall of Wonder.”

This will be the fourth exhibition held in the new Hall of Wonder, and the second around dinosaurs after the dinosaur illustrations of Longhua Xu and his grandson, Han. Kuchel said the addition of the Hall of Wonder has been good for the museum.

“It’s been a huge advantage. It’s opened up so many opportunities for us in terms of what we can bring. We’ve never been able to put on an exhibition of this size before,” he said. declared.

Floyd N. Morlan