Deshaun Watson gave Anthony Walker a Rolex watch – among other gifts – all for his No. 4 jersey

BEREA, Ohio — Deshaun Watson got off to a flying start to win over his new teammates.

First, he dealt with over 25 members of the offense while traveling to Atlantis in the Bahamas via a private jet. Then he presented linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. with a Rolex watch just a question in Walker’s podium interview after team activities held on Wednesday.

The gift was for Walker offering – unsolicited – to trade No. 4 to Watson the day he was traded to the Browns in March.

“Thank you,” Watson said, handing her the box.

“Appreciate that,” Walker said as she hugged Watson.

Walker then placed the small box behind him on the floor, with little fanfare.

“So you’re not going to open it?”, he was asked.

“No, I’m not,” he said with a smile.

He explained the reason for the abandonment of the childhood number to which he had just passed last June. In the pros, he had worn 50 and 54, traditional linebacker numbers.

“Yeah, Deshaun said he was coming to Cleveland, I texted him 10 seconds later and said, ‘Welcome to Cleveland, #4. That was it.

With that, Walker moved up a notch to No. 5, never asked for anything in return, and refused to accept any money. Early on, Watson, who wore number 4 at Clemson and with the Texans, started thinking about a special gift for him, and the Rolex watch came as a total surprise.

“He’s a good guy, man,” Walker said. “I appreciate that.”

But that was not all. Watson dug a little deeper and then donated $50,000 to a Miami-area high school football program where Walker’s father works and was a former coach. Walker will also have some fine threads to go with the designer watch: Watson buys his suits to wear to games throughout the season, a league source told

The two players — now fast friends — used to face off in AFC South games over the years as members of the Texans and Colts, so the rivalry and friendship comes naturally.

“Obviously playing him while I was in Indy, three of the four years I was there, playing him six times,” Walker said. “He won’t tell you, but I won more. Yeah, but going up against a competitor, a guy who loves football, an elite point guard, an elite quarterback. There is going to be a lot of chatter during the OTAs, the minicamp also during the training camp. But at the end of the day, we’re working towards a common goal and that’s to be Super Bowl champions at the end of the year and we’re going to push each other.

Walker, one of the team’s inspirational leaders, believes Watson handled his off-court situation well while at the Browns facility.

“Yeah, I think he’s doing a good job coming in every day and going out, going out and coming in and focusing on football while he’s here,” he said. -he declares. “I can’t talk about anything else, but I know when he’s here he’s locked up and happy to be back on the field and we’re happy to have him as a quarterback. He’s confident, he looks good throwing the ball around and I know what he’s doing on game day.

And now, as he’ll be reminded every time he glances at his wrist, it’s Watson’s time.

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