‘Dangerous’ gang jailed for kidnapping and torturing Rolex watch salesman in Oldham

Burgess, McGrath and Winstanley were jailed for a combined total of 29 years. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

A gang of men who kidnapped and tortured a Rolex watch salesman by stabbing and burning him with an iron have been jailed for nearly three decades in total.

Remi Burgess, 25, was jailed for eight years; Louis Winstanley, 20, was jailed for 12 years; and Dominic McGrath, 29, has been jailed for nine years – all three will have three-year extended licenses.

On Sunday, December 27, 2020, the victim, who was in his twenties, was contacted by Remi Burgess on Instagram to ask him to buy him a Rolex watch.

When they agreed on a price, they met in a car in Oldham. But before they could exchange any money, the victim was head butted by Dominic McGrath, before Burgess stabbed his arms, hand and wrists.

Unable to escape the vehicle, he was driven south to Manchester where he was continually beaten.

The men in the car contacted his family and demanded £ 100,000 for his release, telling them not to contact the police or they would kill him.

The gang had tied the victim’s hands and covered his eyes and mouth before leading him to an address in Timperley in Trafford where they continued to torture and beat him.

There, they burned his stomach with an iron before putting him back in the car.

Officers were able to intercept the attackers and located the victim who was still strapped and strapped to the back of the vehicle.

The men tried to flee from the officers but were quickly arrested, then arrested and charged.

The gang burned the victim’s stomach with an iron. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

At Manchester Crown Court, the three men were jailed after pleading guilty to assault and forcible confinement under section 18.

Detective Constable Matt Wilson, of GMP’s Oldham District, said: “It was a terrifying and unprovoked trial for the victim and I salute his bravery and support throughout our investigation which ultimately resulted in a conviction today.

“These three men are dangerous and reckless individuals who took pleasure in kidnapping and seriously assaulting a man.

“This incident highlights the importance and success of rapid detective work in collaboration with multiple teams and assets across GMP.”

Floyd N. Morlan