Collectors’ corner of August 2, 2022

Last week, Paul posted a great story on his Bulletin page with Doug Murphy, director of creative services for the New York Giants. Doug mentions how he came to Get It™, and included this:

There was a company that published detailed illustrations of various teams, and it came with a set of colored pencils. And you color them. That’s how I started. And for my life, I can’t find that on eBay or anywhere.”

Paul asked me if such a thing rang a bell, and he did! This auction is over, but Paul showed Doug this link and Doug replied, “That could be it! I don’t remember this beautiful box, but it was many years ago.

Indeed, it was. So let’s start this week with a hockey version! This one is from the mid-1970s as opposed to the mid-1960s for the NFL, as it includes the Kansas City Scouts, which started in 1974. Here’s an NBA version as well.

Now, for the rest of this week’s picks:

• RIP to the NBA’s all-time great Bill Russell, who passed away just two days ago. Here is a 1966 advertisement for “Bill Russell basketball shoes”. High or low cut available in black or white with gold trim – just $7.95 a pair.

• Carl Yastrzemski and Pete Rose could punch a little, so they lent their signatures to this Louisville Slugger pen and pencil set.

• At some point, Minnesota Twins owner Carl Pohlad decided to gift his team employees with this Twins onyx baseball. It comes in a furry red box and says “Genuine Onyx, Made In Pakistan” on the bottom.

• Here is a 1970 Ovaltine store sign for those great NFL helmet goal post kits; only $1.50!

• Check out this awesome little domed replica of Fenway Pahk!

• This April 1963 New York Yankees program celebrates the 40th anniversary of Yankee Stadium. Click on the list and see all alcohol and cigarette ads!

• Once upon a time at The Friendly Confines, your Oscar Mayer Home Run hot dogs came in these wrappers; year unknown.

• The “Seamless Rubber Co.” of New Haven, CT. made this “official hockey puck”. Yes, it’s a solid piece of rubber. Official too!

• Do you remember the newspaper boxes? I guess they went through the phone booths and the eight track readers. Anyway, the Philadelphia plaintiff boxes used these cardboard panels to face their boxes; this one is for Phillies star Mike Schmidt.

• This 1996 NFL beach towel has all the team helmets of the era.

It will do for this edition of CC. See you here next week!

Floyd N. Morlan