Can a Rolex Watch Really Be Underestimated?

We’ve seen the Daytona, the Submariner, the Explorer and even Perpetual Oyster all over. Is there really still under the radar in the middle of the century Rolex models?

If you are an anti-Rolex look man, the answer is no, because everything Rolex the models are overrated. If you are a Rolex fanboy, the answer could still be no, because every Rolex it’s great. I like to believe that I’m between these two camps, since I like vintage Rolex but I have never been able to wear their modern sports models (especially because my wrists are too small). For me, compared to the well-known and endlessly talked about models we all know, maybe a watch can be so far off the radar that it’s really underrated. So here is my part – this watch is the Oyster Precision 6426.

Can a Rolex Watch Really Be Underestimated?

Before we continue, a few quick caveats: first, in the world of Rolex, I would be considered “new”. I’ve owned vintage Subs, I’ve read books, I’ve owned coins, but I’m by no means an expert. And second, yes. It’s a small watch. But listen to me. The Oyster Precision line was the absolute entry-level for Rolex from the early 1960s to the mid-1970s and represents the quintessential purity of Rolex DNA.

Reference 6426 is an undated 34mm stainless steel Oyster watch that was originally offered on a folded-link Oyster bracelet. It notably features a hand-wound movement – being the most “affordable” Rolex du jour (I believe it originally sold for $ 99), it skipped the famous perpetual rotor, which also made a slimmer case, among the thinnest Oyster cases in the world. Rolex the story. This manual movement can be a drag for many who know Rolex for their perpetual movements, but I am convinced that this adds to the charm of this piece.

Movement aside, this watch exemplifies everything that makes Rolex rolex. It is impact resistant, anti-magnetic, originally waterproof up to 165 feet and built with the crisp and crisp lines who defined an era for Rolex which is maintained to this day. When it is fitted with its Oyster bracelet, its silhouette is that of a pure Rolex sports watch. Add that to the human-material connection of winding this watch every morning and the simplicity of an undated dial, you start to see its appeal. It was then everyone’s Rolex, now it can still be worn the same.

Can a Rolex Watch Really Be Underestimated?

So why is this watch underrated? It’s not particularly uncommon, it’s not particularly expensive, and it’s a stunning mid-century example Rolex simplicity – but we don’t see it much in the world. I suspect this is a combination of the fact that it is not a desirable benchmark and is still considered “small” by modern standards, it easily lurks under the heaps of amazing and popular models of the same. era.

It’s anyone’s guess. But my two cents is that the Oyster Precision 6426 reference deserves a little love and much greater recognition than it currently gets as a mainstay of Rolex design sensitivity.

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