Believe it or not, your shiny Rolex watch would have beaten the returns of gold, real estate, and even the stock market.

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that life can be very uncertain. Investing money in the right places is key to staying financially secure during such events. Have you looked for ways to invest your disposable income? Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have become the hottest options lately thanks to the lure of much faster and bigger returns. But what if you want to invest in something much safer? Believe it or not, but you’re much better off putting your money in Rolexes than in gold, real estate, and even stocks; at least that’s what the data suggests. According to a new study conducted by online retailer Bob’s Watches, Rolex have consistently outperformed these traditional investment options over the past 10 years.

Bob’s Watches is a California-based e-commerce retailer of pre-owned Rolex and luxury watches. They compiled data from the last decade and analyzed the performance of Rolex stocks in the secondary market during the period. “We’ve been surprised at how much stocks have appreciated,” Bob’s Watches founder and CEO Paul Altieri said in an interview with Barrons. “We were hoping to get into the top three, so we were happy it was number one.” They then assessed the data with percentage increases for gold and real estate, based on inflation-adjusted values ​​for gold of and data on median sales prices of homes sold in the United States taken from the Federal Reserve Economic Data Database ( FRED ). It turns out that Rolex watches have far outperformed both.

While the valuation data was for all Rolex models sold on the website, the Submariner Ref. 16610 and the Daytona stand out from the rest. The Submariner was the most popular model and the Daytona saw the most price appreciation with an average used price of over $30,000. Interestingly, prices have increased remarkably during the pandemic, indicating exponential growth in demand for Rolex in the secondary market. So, if you want to make money investing, buy a Rolex!

[Via – Barrons]

Floyd N. Morlan