Another day another brutal attack in California on a Rolex watch

A terrifying video has emerged of a woman in her 50s being assaulted in her own driveway for jewelry and a $ 16,000 Rolex watch.

Surveillance footage shot in the Sunset District of San Francisco last October shows just how cheeky attackers have become in pursuit of easily sold valuables.

Rolex and other luxury watches have become status symbols and alarming marketable assets for casual criminals and organized gangs.

Police urge reputable dealers to be very careful in checking the watches offered to them against records of stolen goods.

An Instagram post by Dion Lim, reporter and presenter for ABC7 San Francisco, describes how the woman, who is simply Ms. Lee, was followed to her home by two suspects in a white SUV.
As she walks over to her trunk, a man jumps out of the SUV, throws her to the ground, and threatens her with a gun as he battles her purse.

He then returns to steal her jewelry, including a $ 16,000 Rolex.

According to a friend of Ms Lee, one of the two suspects was arrested by the SFPD in Georgia, but none of the stolen goods were found.

To report any information related to this or other crime in the San Francisco area, please call SFPD at 1-415-553-0123.

Floyd N. Morlan