15 Korean startups to watch

This week in New York, the KOREA-US Startup Summit featured innovative Korean companies created in partnership with Google, Naver Cloud and Hyundai.

The event itself is organized by KISED, Korea Institute of Startup Development and Entrepreneurship.

We spoke with Kim Yong-moon, the president of KISED. He explained that KISED is a government organization that helps promising Korean startups expand globally into new markets beyond operations in South Korea. Essentially, KISED operates much like a typical incubator program, providing funding, marketing, and administrative resources to promising startups.

Today, KISED works with no less than 6,000 startups, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the growth of the Korean economy by fostering relationships and the expansion of these companies into other countries.

Below is an overview of notable startups that were showcased at the event.

#1. sticky hands

StickyHands is a mobile game development company. The company’s games include Age of Solitaire, Solitaire Cooking Tower, Solitaire Farm Village and Solitaire Cat Islands.

StickyHands says Solitaire Farm Village is the most popular game in the series. It features traditional solitaire gameplay and incorporates simulation elements such as farm management, collecting cards with stories, collecting farm animals, and expanding the village to induce continuous boredom-free play. .

#2. Spatial oddity

Start-up South Korea

Space Oddity’s “K-POP RADAR” is a K-Pop data collection service that was created to collect information on K-Pop markets, K-Pop artists and their fandom sizes, historical trends and the milestones reached by 700 artists in Korea.

The data is analyzed and used to predict future trends and makes it easy for fans to get the information they need. Some of the programming information provided by this service includes broadcast/radio/YouTube times, album/song releases and purchase availability dates, and concert dates.

#3. play hard

Start-up South Korea

PlayHard is a mobile game developer that has successfully launched 17 mobile games that garnered over 35,000,000 downloads so far. The company specializes in free-to-play hybrid casual games. PlayHard games include the popular Redbros, Factory Inc. and Hero Factory.

#4. Mobiltech

Start-up South Korea

Mobiltech has developed a “Replica City” data solution that provides realistic 3D spatial information, HW and software solutions for smart cities.

Mobiltech says it solves the problem of outdated 3D city maps by using a device that can be attached to a vehicle and used to scan the city daily to detect and collect high-precision 3D data, which is then processed and used to update the database through AI automation.

3D spatial information created by Mobiltech is currently provided to autonomous vehicle and delivery robot services at 30 domestic and overseas locations, including Silicon Valley.

#5. MakinaRocks

Start-up South Korea

MakinaRocks is an AI startup that provides AI implementation services to companies in the manufacturing, energy, semiconductor, and electric vehicle battery industries.

Their Runway product is an Enterprise MLOps solution that simplifies the process of operationalizing AI/ML models in industrial environments for companies that need continuous performance improvements.

#6. i-ESG

15 Korean startups to watch 1

i-ESG is a South Korean AI/Big data-focused startup that has developed an ESG-specific B2B SaaS solution that gives SMEs tools to manage and improve their ESG footprint.

The integrated data-driven ESG management solution that i-ESG provides to SMEs enables them to learn, manage and respond to ESG-related requirements from various stakeholders and helps companies save up to $95 % costs.

#seven. FutureMain


FutureMain is an engineering and IT company that uses optimal machine management and prediction technology to monitor machines in real time and automatically diagnose problems.

Their technology monitors the condition of key machine components, such as bearings, gears, pumps, fans and belts, and automatically diagnoses faults to determine the cause and suggest appropriate countermeasures with 98% accuracy. .3%, effectively improving the maintenance and management of machinery in manufacturing enterprises.

#8. BlueSignum

15 Korean startups to watch for 2

BlueSignum is a South Korean startup operating in the field of mental health. Its soon-to-be-unveiled self-care service, called Lighthouse, is an AI-powered mental health solution for employees that personalizes self-care activities to improve the individual’s mental well-being, improve employee retention and job satisfaction.

#9. Legally

Legally is an app designed to help US immigrants by providing case tracking, case analysis, as well as mock interviews and legal consultations. It also has a helpful user community.

#ten. The MORAI

MORAI Autonomous Vehicle Simulator

MORAI produces simulators for autonomous cars and planes, enabling companies to improve the safety and reliability of their autonomous vehicles.

#11. Pikurate

Pikurate is a knowledge curation platform that uses the collective intelligence of its users, as well as AI to help share research and useful link collections with others. Its purpose is to make it easier for users to find topics by discovering what other searches have already discovered and collected on the topic.

#12. ARIA Border

ARIA Edge has combined augmented reality and AI to help increase efficiency and reliability in industrial plants.

#13. Poen

Poen is a startup that collects used EV batteries and recycles them into a whole new source of energy.

#14. Trials

Testworks has developed an AI data crowdsourcing platform called aiworks that collects data, then processes, inspects and delivers it. The system uses advanced computer vision and 3D data processing.



ARGOSDYNE has created an integrated operating platform for unmanned vehicles, designed to be easy to use and flexible enough to work with many types of vehicles.

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Floyd N. Morlan